Vintage Aprons

Vintage Aprons Listed for Sale on Ebay see Seller Tamdoll2001Listing these vintage 1960s aprons for sale on Ebay – seller tamdoll2001. These have been in my closet for decades. It’s time to go.

Ideas: Wear them, alter them, cut them up and use the fabric. What would you do?



Make It Your Own – Wall Art Do Over

I had some pictures on my kitchen wall that I didn’t care for anymore, and frankly, they’d been there way too long.

Make It Your Own Wall Art Revamp by Tamdoll Before Pic

I took matters into my own hands and painted, collaged, and layered them until I got something new.

Make It Your Own Wall Art Revamp by Tamdoll After Pic

I’m much happier now, and my kitchen is a lot more colorful. Maybe they’ll stay this way, maybe they won’t. My kids have already mentioned that the peaches look like butts, so I may have to re-work those.

Why not take something purchased and make it your own? I wasn’t really concerned that these would be ruined, they weren’t precious to me, and I knew if I failed at this remix, I’d find something new or put up a shelf for plants. I was so sick of them that the fear of failing didn’t stop me.

Would you call this a do-over, recycling, or upcycling?

Many of the steps in this mixed-media work were things I learned in online classes with Tamara Laporte. So, not only did I make the wall art “my own”, but I took things I learned and extrapolated to create something new.

Next project finished this week – a pair of slippers, reworked from a frogged pair of socks. Much improved and more useful. Here, too I didn’t exactly follow the rules.

make it your own 2017 february crochet slippers drops prima ballerina design

I tweaked the front of the foot to make it longer, stretchier, and skipped the last row of ruffles since my yarn was thicker than required. Original pattern by DROPS.

What will you make your own?


Taking Control

Working my way back to creativity after a little rut and taking control of my news consumption.

TV news has become overwhelming; Twitter has been a time-suck; and Facebook is too opinionated, in my opinion. Simplifying & taking control now. Keeping informed, and staying in-touch with issues quickly each morning and afternoon via news aggregates, links below. Of course I’ll still be on social media, but not letting it suck me down into hours of lost-time anymore:

Weekday News:

  • Mornings: The Skimm “Making it easier for you to be smarter. … giving you all the news and info you need to start your day.” See the latest issue & sign up here –
  • Afternoons: The Next Draft “The Day’s Most Fascinating News From Dave Pell”

Not specifically news related, but trending, informative, and always enriching:

  • Weekly:

Taking control of what I consume, and what I produce. Not ignoring the world, but making time to play and create. Creativity is going on my calendar as a to-do now, making time for what’s important.

Your thoughts?