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T-Shirt & Jeans Bag

March 23, 2011

Once upon a time, there were a t-shirt and a pair of jeans that did not fit their respective owners anymore:

Tamdoll makes a bag

With some nimble cutting, fusible interfacing and a bit of patience, the two were pieced together:Tamdoll makes a bag part 2

A clever pattern* brought the new creation to life: Tamdoll's Reversible Goonies Bag

One side – soft, cotton t-shirt, the other side – comfortably worn blue jeans, small pocket added for convenience whether worn inside or out.

Tamdoll's Reversible Goonies Bag Denim Side

I love the t-shirt & jeans combo!  There were tiny abrasions and worn areas on the jeans, those I reinforced with some cotton threads so they don’t wear through.  It was fun & I will be making the pattern again, but doubt I’ll be using denim next time!  (It was pretty tricky turning such a thick fabric and used up all my patience.)

On Thursday morning (3/24) I’ll list this for sale online at my etsy shop

3/24 update: – Listed!  You can find it right here: Goonies Reversible Bag.

*pattern by verypurpleperson.


  1. I know what you mean about turning out thick fabric. It happened to me so many times. And yet I do it again.

  2. Goonies! I loved that movie when I was a kid. Terrific bags and reuse of items.

    On another note, I wanted to apologize for dropping the ball of the crown challenge. Between sick children and myself not feeling well, I completely forgot. So, so, so sorry.
    Hope all is well with you.

  3. Jane, denim is OFF my list for turning small parts!!! I had to wet it, and wear rubber gloves and still it took me so long, I stopped looking at the clock after a while. Whoever gets this bag is getting a bargain for the hours I put into it!

    CraftyR - Thanks! And hey, don't worry about the crown challenge, I haven't even done it myself!!!

  4. Such a creative idea! I love it!

  5. Loved that you used a Goonies T-shirt for this bag and the placement of the graphic is perfect!

  6. Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments.

  7. Are you doing any customs to list on your Etsy site?

    1. Thanks Cathy for the request! At this time I haven't been doing much sewing, and not posting any new bags or custom listings at my Etsy shop. Since the pattern is available online, I'm wondering if you could find a sewist would create one with a shirt/fabric that you choose? - Here's the link to the pattern: http://verypurpleperson.com/2010/04/making-reversible-bag/.
      Thanks again for stopping by!

  8. I love this! So creative - looks great!!


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