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How-To DIYs and Patterns

These are some of my most popular "how-to" DIYs, most are free unless noted. You'll find even more when you visit all the posts I've tagged "tutorial".
 If you make any of these, please share and be sure to send me a link, or tag me on social media. Enjoy!

 Dragon Scales Crochet Necklace by tamdoll Dragon Scales Necklace Crochet Pattern, $5 - Purchase on Ravelry, or  Etsy.


 icord neckwarmerKnitting / Sock Yarn i-cord Neckwarmer Tutorial

Easy Drawstring Bag Sewing / Easy Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Tamdoll Mixed Media Sewing / Crochet Hook Roll Tutorial

 Tamdoll Mixed Media Stamping / Sewing / Beads Mixed Media 

 Tamdoll Bunting Sewing / Mother's Day Bunting

 Tamdoll Purse Sewing / Apron Purse 

 Tamdoll Cell Phone Cozy Crochet / Cell Phone Cozy

 Tamdoll Water Bottle Cozy Crochet / Water Bottle Cozy

 Tamdoll Dyeing Plastic Buttons Dye / Coloring Buttons

 Tamdoll Love Letters Sewing / Love Letters

 Tamdoll Game Board Jewelry Display Building / Game Board Jewelry Display

 Tamdoll's Business Card Tutorial Sewing / Business Card Holder

 Tamdoll's Triangle Bag Sewing / Triangle Bag

 Tamdoll's Summer Felted Tote Knit / Felted Tote

 If you make any of these, please let me know, share, or tag me on social media. Enjoy!
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