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How Long Does it Take to Finish a Project?

January 31, 2020

Wanting to start fresh for the new year, I'm cleaning up some buckets I've got stacked in my craft room. The first one to tackle - unfinished projects.

One by one I'll address whether each of these will be donated, finished, or the materials recycled into something new. Even though they're just craft projects, the mental weight of thinking of them off and on for so long is something I've got to let go of. I don't want these taking up space in my head anymore (let alone my craft room) - once these are gone, I'll definitely feel freer.
I think the oldest project I have in this photo is eight years old. .. a pink knitted item I think I'd been making into a handbag, too bad I didn't have more notes in my Ravelry account about it. Over the years Ravelry has turned out to be an invaluable resource - someplace I can keep track of projects, favorite yarns and needle sizes used.

Since I took this photo over a week ago, I've finished the crocheted cheetah project and unwound one of the pink knitted items. I'll be posting about those on www.ravelry.com/people/tamdoll and www.instagram.com/tamdollsmo along with the rest of the ones I decide to complete.

It's going to be great to unclutter my workspace and my mind this year.

How long does your mind linger over unfinished projects? How do you handle the UFOs?


  1. Hi Tammy, as I grow older and more forgetful, I'm slightly grateful that I forget about all my unfinished projects. Out of sight out of mind. I discover them when I do a spring clean, resolve to finish them once and for all and over time forget about them again. It's a vicious cycle. The one thing I try to do nowadays is complete anything I start. Otherwise, I know I'll never work on them again. I'm pretty good at completing my knitting projects though. Because I'm a very slow knitter, it takes me a super long time to complete a simple project. I can't bear to abandon my knitted projects considering how much time I've already invested in them.

    1. I think I'd be grateful to forget, too! Sometimes I'll loose track of something but for the most part, all of these seem to still have a hold on part of my brain. .. from here on I'm going to be aiming for the same thing you said .. completing something once I start it!


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