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Business Card Holder Tutorial

March 31, 2008
Here it is - a real simple way to carry around your business cards without having them mashed to bits with ragged edges in the bottom of your bag:

Cut out 2 pieces of fabric using the above pattern - one will be the lining:
step 1
Next, cut out two business card-sized pieces of buckram or stiff interfacing. Center them on either side of the fold line (you may want to trim about 1/8" off of the edge with the tab).

I printed my business cards at home, it's super easy using Avery brand Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards.

step 2
Fuse or baste the pieces in place:
step 3
With right sides together, and a very small 1/8" seam, sew around all edges leaving an opening (about 1.5") along the side:
step 4
step 5 Close-up of opening:
step 6 Trim corners and snip into edges of the curve:

step 7

Turn right-side-out and iron flat. Tuck in the edges of the opening and iron them to the inside. You can use the rounded end of a paintbrush to carefully poke out your corners:
step 8
You can add stitching now, whether it's to hold down the interfacing or for personalizing:

step 9
Fold business card holder in half and sew very close to the edge of both sides (you will close the opening this way, too):

step 10
Ta da!
step 11
Fill with business cards:
step 12
And take it to go!
The End.
I made another one with some ribbon trim - you can see it at my flickr site.

I print my own business cards at home, here's a link to paper that I've used with great results - Avery Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards.

Creative Commons License Tamdoll's Business Card Holder by SILVER Mountain Originals is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.


  1. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  2. It looks great! I want one!

  3. Wow, these are cute...and practical!Thanks for sharing the "how=to" with your readers!

  4. These are very cute and professional looking. I know some 9-5 friends of mine would get one to match every outfit!

  5. I thought this tutorial was judst so handy.Very clean looking and i know lots could use them. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  6. That is just SWEET!

    You also wrote a very easy to follow tutorial!

  7. Thanks for all your comments, I really appreciate them!

  8. Thanks for the great tutorial :O)

  9. serendipity. i was just digging around in my bag for cards today and cursing because i didn't have a way too cute holder for them. thank you for solving my dilemma

  10. I know what a whole bunch of somebodies are getting for christmas now! Thank you!

  11. nice holder.. but i wonder what if i add some elatic stuff to hold the cards? cos i m plannng to add more than 20 card and hopefully it will hold 3 card without slipping out..

  12. I think elastic around the opening is a great idea to hold in many or few business cards - maybe something sewn into the bottom seam and brought up and over the holder vertically when turned right-side-out.

  13. absolutely love this idea! I need to learn how to do that decorative stitching.

  14. This used stitching on my machine - I love the Doodle Stitching book for easy embroidery stitches that would be great for this project.

  15. This is fantastic! I'm going to make these as xmas presents for my coworkers

  16. Nice! My business cards always get squashed :(

  17. My fiance likes a business card holder over a wallet, and sometimes they come with tri-fold wallets. He always wears out the elastic on the outside for holding money. I made him one of these out of brown cordouroy, and made a hammered copper money clip that I attached to the card holder. It is beautiful and he loved it. Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. It's great to see that folks still use and like this tutorial! Would love to do a blog post one day with everyone's project pictures if you have them!


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