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Whiplash Doll

June 13, 2006
Here I am with "... an introduction to your blog and your crafting specialty/personality." I've started a blog because I love reading whipup.net & wanted to participate in "whiplash". I've made art dolls for years, and also knit, craft & spend lots of time online!

This particular doll was based on a mannequin pattern for the Party Time! Challenge in Doll Crafter & Costuming magazine. I did not want to enter a typical doll, so I wired her to light up the party! A button at the back of her neck, and some batteries in the base did the trick (see the picture below). I wanted something really original. I haven't seen the latest issue to see if she made it in yet....

She's made of muslin and stuffed with poly-fill; wired for standing. I colored the body with pastel dye sticks and her hair is crushed velvet ribbon.

More of my Party Time! doll pictures & some internal wiring details can be seen at flickr: http://tinyurl.com/grkcm.


  1. I think your doll is beautiful :-)

  2. Wow...this is fabulous! I'd love to see pictures of the process you go thru making something like this.


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