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October 29, 2021

Sorted through my attic and found some dolls I'd almost forgotten about!

Matilda made her debut back in 2006. And after 15 years, she's still looking pretty good. 

Based on the pattern "Fanny Annie" from Stuffed Magic.


While trying to figure out what pattern Matilda was made from, I found that I'd once written up instructions for this "Star Doll", inspired by Sally Lampi's dolls. Here it is for you to make your own (PDF document) ... if you make one, please share photos and tag me on social media to share.


For a while I had LOVED painting on fabric—it was fun to do and I enjoyed the way the fabric felt when the paint had dried over the stuffed material.


Do you keep seasonal decor packed away somewhere? Do you ever forget about it?


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