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The Mystery of the Vintage Jewelry

February 13, 2022



Dozens of chains, 80+ earrings, oversized charms, quirky 70s & 80s motifs... I've uncovered all of these after storage in my family's closets for over 30 years. Definitely weird that there's so much of it, and I knew it was my grandmother's—but none had been worn!


I got my mother on the phone to tell me how I ended up with all this vintage costume jewelry, and she told me a story about my grandmother and pastries.


Back when my grandparents had a bakery in Brooklyn, NY, there used to be a customer that would come in on Fridays. This customer didn't always have the means to purchase what she wanted, but my grandmother would still give her pastries and bread each week. The woman didn't want to receive the food without an exchange so she would bring my grandmother items from her daughter's shop.


I'm not sure how long this went on, but the items certainly accumulated over time. Now I'm cleaning out my closet and have listed these on eBay — you can find me as seller tamdollsmo — and I'm hoping someone else can enjoy these pieces. 


It was nice to sort through and package it all up for the eBay listings, a nostalgic trip back through trends. Please take a look!


Do you ever shop on eBay? or Mercari? What do you think of these or other resale sites?

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