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Felted Wool Bunnies

April 13, 2019
wool felt bunnies by tamdoll
Dust, Hoppy, Tiny, and Oatmeal felted wool bunnies.

Springtime = bunnies, right?

These came out of storage a few weeks ago and I had the intention of embellishing them with some ribbons, embroidery, even paint. They ended up just sitting on my counter for a long time while I looked at them, not doing anything.

I decided that - as is - they have a "primitive" charm, but if someone wanted to DIY some accessories and details themselves, these would be great as blank canvases. I keep picturing the tall bunny ("Hoppy") with some faded, ripped denim overalls. And the medium sized bunny ("Oatmeal") with some mismatched button eyes and a chalked shaded face. But it's not happening right now for me.

So, these wool felted plush bunnies are currently in my etsy shop - www.etsy.com/shop/tamdoll and available for anyone who'd like to take them home and love them as is, or have fun getting creative with them.

How would you embellish your springtime bunny?

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