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Photos Around Boston

March 26, 2019

"Boston Harbor" - The idle boats in the fog was otherworldly. While eating lunch at the Boston Aquarium I looked out the window and snapped this picture. A little digital manipulation boosted the color, and added the clouds.


"No Parking" - The texture and urban decay of this scene caught my eye - I just had to stop, but was only able to get a quick shot. The worn signage only added to the eeriness of it, and as I drove off I thought "This looks like the cover of a horror novel."

Sometimes a location or scene will catch my eye and anything is up for grabs - a texture, or an unusual juxtaposition. Over the years I've used these pictures in art, sold them as greeting cards, and recently have listed some on society6.com (affiliate link).

What makes you pull out your camera to take a picture?

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