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Art Trades, Giveaways, Swaps

April 18, 2016
Just one more post about my Artfest Rising experience... this one is about the art trades that many of us brought along. As soon as I heard about the idea of trades, I searched all over the internet for inspiration - here I'll share some ideas for anyone needing help with what to trade, giveaway, or swap at events.

Tamdoll's Artfest Rising 2016 Art Trades

Ideas for Art Trades, Giveaways, Swaps:

  • Zines

  • Photos, Postcards

  • ATCs

  • Business cards, Business card holders

  • Stickers

  • Mini books - handmade in various sizes & shapes

  • Mini journals

  • Pens, pencils

  • Handmade 3D pieces - mini dolls & carvings

  • Mini 2D art - drawings, paintings, collages

  • Lollipops

  • Coloring pages

  • Supplies like washi tape, beads, yarn, punchinella

  • Handmade Pins, Buttons, Charms

  • Ephemera  - I received many envelopes filled with things like:

    • magazine cutouts

    • wrapping paper

    • ledger book papers

    • library cards

    • labels

    • paint chips

    • scrapbook papers

    • paper die-cuts

    • hand-painted papers

    • stamps

    • fabric

    • playing cards

    • old book pages

    • tissue paper

    • tags

    • maps

    • old photos

Don't forget to label your item with your name, contact info and/or website.

What I brought along to swap/giveaway - recycled map business card wallets, along with a business card inside of each.

Video that also appeared on my Facebook Page (too big for blogger site, please click to see it hosted on Flickr):
Artfest Rising 2016 Trades

It was fun during the event to swap, an experience in itself as we all approached folks we'd never met before, offering our handmade items. At home, as I took the time to look over everything I'd unpacked, I really got to appreciate everyone's generosity of talent, materials and time - each piece was special and unique.

I hope this gives you some good ideas about what you can put together for art trades.

Have any other ideas to share? Please leave a comment and link to your pictures if they're online.

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