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Recycled Paper Card Wallets DIY

March 24, 2016
Next week I'm going on a trip, cross-country to Washington state for Artfest Rising. Really excited, and slightly nervous at the same time... (have never done anything like this before) will post pictures online during the event when I can (probably Instagram or Facebook).

Wanted to bring something to swap, so I made these recycled paper card wallets. Since I'm passionate about recycling, I rescued an old atlas of Massachusetts as a craft supply. How-to comes from Monica at www.artfulrecrafter.com. I cut my pages 9.5 x 10" to make sure the finished wallets fit the MOO cards I just got.
tamdoll recycled paper card wallets diy
These are super easy to turn into mini journals, simply stitching papers into the fold is all it takes. Of course, the covers themselves can also be altered and embellished - I think these will be cute to share and people can have fun with them.
recycled paper card wallet as mini journal DIY
It was nice one day, so I was able to go outside and take pictures:
recycled paper card wallets DIY

Recycled Paper Card Wallets DIY

I have many reasons to be happy with these: they were easy to make, will be light to pack in my luggage, I creatively reused materials, and made something useful.

Have you ever been on an art retreat? Brought along swaps or trades?


  1. I was JUST wondering what I can do with my finished coloring book pages! Thank you!

  2. Hi Jane! You'll have fun with these - you'll have to share what you make. :)

  3. Tamdoll,
    I am so happy you like this and thank you for crediting my blog and tutorial. I have to post another version of this I learned soon.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Monica! I've been loving the paper crafts lately & your projects are so inspiring.

  5. I love the map you used. Off to the semi- annual library book sale for more treasure. Picking up Pamela to wait in line!

  6. Thanks Pamela! Folks loved them, and I hope to create more paper-folded crafts in the future... you & Monica are my inspiration!

  7. […] blog post I’ll share the trades that I came home with – swapping the wallets I folded with all the creative folks who attended. I have yet to unpack it all, will be doing that […]


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