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Bead Weaving Bracelets

January 21, 2016
When I start a project, there's usually left-over materials; and since I do such a variety of crafts, I have a well-stocked craft room. One of these supplies I have a lot of are beads - I used to embellish my cloth dolls with them, and I'd usually end up with more than I'd ever need for a single project. Over the years I've incorporated beads into embroidery, crochet and other jewelry - this winter, I've been weaving bracelets to give as gifts.

The two bracelets with black beads in the center row were made with a Trendsetter pattern "Just Rollin' Along", and the red bracelet pattern was called "Parisian Lace". It looks like the patterns are only available at bead shops, I picked mine up locally.

bead weaving bracelets

bead weaving bracelets

bead weaving bracelets

The first time I made one, it took about 4 hours. After that, each bracelet took about 2.5 hours to complete.

Beading and Books

Once I got the rhythm of the pattern down, I was able to listen to an audio book while weaving. While I made the red bracelet I listened to The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry: A Novel by Gabrielle Zevin - about a bookseller who experiences grief, a theft, and a mysterious delivery to his business that turns his life around. It was a good, slow paced book that I could listen to while working - but a little more sappy and contrived than I prefer in a story.

It's main character reminded me of another recent book that I LOVED - A Man Called Ove: A Novel by Fredrik Backman - a story about a curmudgeon whose "...world is turned on its head when a boisterous young family moves in next door." A Man Called Ove made me laugh out loud, and cry - it was fantastic. Audio books can be downloaded free through many libraries - visit yours to see what's available.

Some online beading weaving project how-tos:

Most of my friends and family prefer traditional books, and multitask crafting with music or tv in the background.

Do you love a good book? Multitask when crafting?


  1. omg these bracelets are gorgeous. 2.5 hours isn't a lot of time to make one bracelet if you think about the amount of time one spends on other mindless stuff. I've put away my beads as I've decided to concentrate on my bags this year. If I start beading, I know I may end up beading for a month or two. It's a dangerous hobby.

    I'm not very good at multitasking. When I do hand sewing, I do watch a bit of TV. However, I notice I am incapable of watching a long instructional video e.g. craftsy as it puts me to sleep.

  2. Your bracelets are gorgeous...love the middle one in black and aqua!
    And I agree, your timing on these is great. I can imagine it taking a beginner much, much longer!
    Great way to use up left over beads!

  3. Beautiful! Is Molly still making them? Any plans to sell on etsy?

  4. Thanks Esther! Molly isn't making jewelry at the moment... and neither of us will be making beaded bracelets to sell online for now. But the links in the post should make for easy step-by-step instructions if anyone wants to give something like these a try.
    My next jewelry project will probably be fabric or yarn based designs, I'm going to experiment this winter with some new things.
    Thanks for leaving a comment. :)

  5. Hi Edi, and thanks!
    For some reason my beads seem to be multiplying these days... I often need to supplement my stash with "just one more color"... I think I'll be sewing with them in the near future, so they'll be incorporated into an art project one way or another.

  6. Thanks Jane! That's a good perspective you have - if I think about what else I could do in 2.5 hours, listening to a book and beading a bracelet isn't such a bad thing!
    I'm off to start on one more bracelet right now - then I have to put them away for another project I have in mind.
    Thanks for stopping by & the comment. :)


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