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Quick and Easy Halloween Wreath

October 20, 2015
If you can hold a glue gun, you can make this Halloween wreath.

I was inspired to make one of these when I saw ilovetocreate's neon version. Here's the one I made, hanging in my daughter's dorm lounge:
halloween eyeball wreath

Step 1: Wrap a wreath frame in fabric. I used a 10" straw wreath & strips of fabric I ripped from a 45" long piece. I used 4 strips, and each was about 2.5" wide. Accuracy isn't very important, this base will be mostly covered up in the next step. The strips were held down with dabs of low-temp hot glue. Once it's all wrapped up, tie a string around the wreath to use for hanging.

Quick and Easy Halloween Wreath step 1

Step 2: Start gluing on balls. I used beer pong balls for this project because they were cheap and light-weight. Laying the wreath on a table, and gluing the balls down as it lay flat ensured that it wouldn't jut out from the wall when it was done. Spacing and accuracy isn't very important - not taking this too seriously.

Red fabric showing through? Strands of glue everywhere? = Creepy.

Quick and Easy Halloween Wreath step 2

Step 3: Keep adding rows of balls, filling in holes and spaces as you go along. Work your way around and into the center of the wreath. Step back and look at it once in a while to cover any gaps you may want to fill.

Quick and Easy Halloween Wreath step 3

Step 4: Glue on googly eyes. Angle some sideways, adjusting for where the eyeballs are placed (on the sides of the wreath, put the eyeballs a little more sideways.)

Quick and Easy Halloween Wreath step 4

That's it. When I was all done, I thought I should have used red glue sticks... maybe next time.

I have low expectations that this project will last very long hanging in a dorm room, and who knows what will happen to it after Halloween. But it was fun to do, and took less than an hour to make. Using a glue gun kept this project low-stress - everything dried within seconds of putting it in place.

I often hesitate to make Halloween costumes or decorations, the event comes and goes so quickly, the effort often seems more work than it's worth. But this project was a breeze, I've already made two for my girls and have enough balls to make a third... maybe I'll be hanging one outside my door this year.

Will you make decorations for Halloween?

One more picture, because I love the Pixlr.com apps and they just put out some Halloween borders and layers:

halloween wreath creepy eyeballs by tamdoll

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  1. What a fun project! I love that it's quick and doesn't require a lot of fancy tools or accuracy. Just a fun project that makes you happy :)


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