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November 7, 2014
In September, Michael at Inspired by Charm posted a DIY Picture Ledge how-to, and it certainly was inspiring! With his instructions, and the help of my friends, I was able to spruce up a sparse wall and find a home for the nick-knacks scattered about my space.


before DIY Shelves makeover

The instructions for these DIY Shelves were straightforward, and they were constructed in a short time one afternoon. A friend measured and cut for me, then I sanded, painted & installed them a few days later.

New DIY Shelves:

after DIY Shelves makeover

Not as sophisticated a display as at Inspired by Charm, but since I'm the only one who uses this room most of the time, it fits my needs and it makes me happy. I have some toys on the shelves, gifts I've received, a glass mosaic project I made, and a Roald Dahl quote that I love from kensiekate on etsy. (The wall is actually a solid color, the lighting is causing that ombre effect.)

Two weeks in a row where I'm mentioning projects inspired by other bloggers. Have you made anything prompted by another website lately?


  1. Your shelves turned out perfectly!! I absolutely LOVE them. Glad you enjoy the tutorial. :)

    xo Michael

  2. Thank you! (Thanks to you!)

  3. They turned out great. Really made the space look nice. Good job :)


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