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Company is Coming - Quick Decor

November 25, 2014
Over the years I've become confident with party planning and preparing meals and desserts for a crowd. But before guests arrive, it never fails that I'll look around my house and want to jazz up the way it looks. I've had this one area that has remained empty for a long time since I never found anything I really loved to put up there.

Before Foamology at Tamdoll's house

One of the problems with this space is that it's narrow and everyone uses it as a walk-through. I knew that anything protruding from the wall would risk getting knocked down, possibly hurt someone, break, and also put a dent in the floor...

Thank goodness for Fairfield. They sent me a package of Foamology™ Design Foam with stickybase*. A visit to their website showed me some ideas, and my local fabric store designer helped me pick out great fabrics.

Application wasn't difficult. I traced the foam onto a giant sheet of sheer tracing paper - then added a 2" border all around for wrapping. Seeing through it, I used this to layout and cut my fabric so I could "fussy cut" the design I wanted & line up the fabric pattern.

After Foamology at Tamdoll's House

I also decided, since the decorator fabric was heavier than a quilting cotton, to apply the fabric to the sticky side, and got some help on that application from sew4home.com and Krylon All-Purpose Spray Adhesive. When all was done, I used Command Picture-Hanging Strips to hang them.

My walls are decorated • Customized to match my room • Narrow and Soft in case anyone bumps into them  • and removable in case I want to swap the fabrics out in the future. Now I won't be so self-conscious about the unfinished bumpy wall next to my kitchen when company visits.

Foamology™ Quick Decor Tips:

  • Remember when centering your fabric to take into account the pattern in all directions. I didn't do that - I was so focused on making the edges of the motif line up horizontally, that I forgot about what was showing vertically in the center of the panel.

  • You can readjust your fabric on the stickybase - it's not permanent - but - be careful about pulling your fabric off and stretching it out of shape. The orange fabric I choose had a loose weave and had to be smoothed out before reapplying.

Any tips for getting your home company-ready for holidays, or any occasion?

*Disclaimers: Fairfield has provided me with samples to play with, all opinions and projects at this website are my own. I have not been compensated in any other way for this blog post.


  1. Wow! What a huge difference such a simple idea can make in a room. Well done you! Look at how beautiful this area looks now! From ok to wow!

  2. Thanks Pam! It's embarrassing that I let that wall bare for so long with all it's dents and imperfections.


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