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Drying Herbs

July 3, 2014
The standing, self-watering garden that my sister sent me is fantastic. Not only do I not have to break my neck to plant anything - there's no grubs or critters digging through the soil. This one pictured just has one tomato plant and herbs. So far everything is thriving and necessitated a session of drying herbs way earlier than I usually do in the summertime. (I have the same plants in the ground, too, but they're doing so poorly it would be embarrassing to photograph and include them here. I may never go back to regular gardening after this.)

Tamdoll's Standing Garden @GardenersSupply. I may never go back to regular gardening after this. tamdoll.com

Drying herbs is easy; I just take a few snips, and place them in a cool, dry place in a paper bag until they're crumbly (6 second video formerly on Vine).

Faster Way to Drying Herbs on a Sunny Day

I thought I was being clever until I dug up my old how-to from 2009, which was much simpler & would have been quicker on a sunny day!

Drying Herbs with the Sun. Simply cut, lay out on one layer, cover with a screen and put out until dry. via tamdoll.com

  • Cut herbs and lay out on cooling rack in a sunny spot.

  • Turn a screened window frame over the rack, so delicate herbs don't blow away.

  • Bottle, label and pack them up. (Makes a nice gift!)

So easy, will definitely use this method on the next sunny day.

Drying your own herbs, or have summer gardening tricks to share?


  1. Thank you! I needed to be reminded to dry and save some of these lovely herbs that are at their peak right now! AND I love the video! That is quite cool. Must be nice to be technical!!!

  2. Thanks Pam! There's nothing like fresh herbs, but drying them yourself is the next best thing (since who knows how long they're on a grocery store shelf?)
    Check out the Vine app if you have a smartphone, it makes stop-motion videos easy (then I just searched online on how to get it to my website, very simple!)


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