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Do Overs with a Difference

July 27, 2014
Sometimes you have a chance to do something over and make it better. For example, I've chosen to re-purpose some beautiful yarn, and have finally found the perfect project for it.

Do Overs - Fiction & Non-Fiction

As I've been working on this Hitchhiker scarf project, I was also reading the book "Life After Life" by Kate Atkinson about a girl who has no choice but to live her life over and over again. Looking at all the odd balls of yarn that I was re-using for the 3rd time, I thought the coincidence of "do overs" was enough to combine a book review + knitting for this blog post.

Yarn Do Overs with Tamdoll's Hitchhiker

I keep this project in my handbag and work on it at odd times when I'm stuck waiting somewhere. The pattern is pretty simple, the yarn is working up beautifully, and I'm pretty sure it's a keeper! The first time I blogged about this yarn was when I crocheted an entire cardigan with it then ripped it all out. The yarn, Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, is super soft & squishy - the garter stitch is a great fit for it. This time around I do have a lot of ends to work in because of the mess I made unraveling the first go-round (sigh), but it's not that hard, just tedious.

Onto the fiction part of "do overs".... I'm going to work on my book reviews. To date, all I've been able to come up with is "I really liked it, I think you should read it, too." From here on, I'll be trying to write enticing reviews, without spoilers, that will convey my opinions just a little bit better. Here goes...
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (Audio version narrated by Fenella Woolgar)

"What if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right?"

Beginning in 1910, leading up to WW II through 1967, this book travels through the birth and life and death of Ursula Todd, again and again and again. In each iteration, she follows a slightly different path, with slight variations - some subtle, some dramatic, and she lives an entire new life each time.

This re-living experience was NOT like a Choose Your Own Adventure book; there weren't always clear-cut decisions each time that would change the path that Ursula took. Over the course of lifetimes, author Kate Atkinson shows us how Ursula's path led her to be a victim of circumstances, at other times a triumphant survivor, and everything in between.

What if you could live your life again and again? The responsibility, the foreshadowing would drive me crazy. What a burden to bear and repeat, endlessly. To what purpose? Could you save the world? To whose purpose? Would you change history for your loved ones or the greater good?

I found the book fascinating, and listening to the audio book was riveting. I never found the story repetitive, the details given in each chapter kept Ursula's story fresh every time she lived it. I cried, more than once, and still, I kept listening.

Well done and makes me want to read more of Kate Atkinson's books.

I've always loved reading, and now with audio books I get to knit & enjoy a good story at the same time!

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