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Recycle Art to Create Cards

May 19, 2014
Finding the time to make handmade cards isn't always easy, but it's worth the extra effort when there's a special occasion. Here, I'll share how I've recently begun to recycle art from other projects to create something new; speeding up the creation of cards from idea inspiration to final card. Why always reinvent the wheel? If there's an element of another project you like and don't want to recreate from scratch, reuse it!

Original creation done in Life Book 2014 class with Marieke Blokland:

Recycle art original piece by Tamdoll

To Recycle the Art:

  • scan the original;

  • edit in your favorite software;

  • print onto heavy weight paper;

  • spray with Krylon Workable Fixatif to prevent smudging;

  • cut out the elements to be reused and glue them to a card; then

  • embellish, edit, personalize... the possibilities are endless!

I scanned my picture at the library and did the extra edit & printing steps at home. There's a reason I didn't simply copy/print at one time: by cropping & scaling only parts of the images to fit onto a 1/4 page card size, then copy and paste, I was able to get 3 repeats of the images onto a single paper. With a bunch of these base cards ready, it's easy to personalize and have fun with individual ones when an occasion for a handmade card arises.

Finished card:

Recycle art with Tamdoll

These two Sugar Sweet Sisters are getting a workout this year in my handmade birthday cards, I haven't tired of reusing them yet. Do you ever Recycle Art in projects? Please share.

Recycle Art Animated .gif

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