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Drawing, Painting and Discipline

March 29, 2014
My intention has always been to keep this new blog updated with projects & ideas that would inspire creativity. New work isn't here ... yet. I haven't been sharing much because I've been busy keeping up with the Life Book online class, practicing my drawing, painting and collage skills.

Having something very specific to work on, with a weekly deadline has been a good focus for me - left on my own, I don't think I'd have 9 completed projects to show so far this year. Each lesson is an accomplishment, sometimes just because I got them done. I don't love all of them, but I've been learning something new each week.

It may be a while before I get to any new, original projects and that's okay with me. What I'd like to share here (besides the peek at classwork), is the idea of discipline.

Drawing, Painting and Discipline with Tamdoll in Life Book 2014

Showing new, original work isn't going to happen because I think about it, talk about it, or jot it down in a notebook. In order to meet my goals and create, I'm going to have to be regimented and set myself weekly goals - and do them. Just like I'm doing now, when the Life Book 2014 class is over, I'm going to have to plan out my projects and allot time to them every week, if not every day.

Being so disciplined sounds a little like "work", not "fun" or "creativity"; but I think it also gives my creativity a little more importance. I'm not going to just allow myself time for these things late at night when all the other chores are done - being creative deserves some prime time in my day. For me, it's as important as doing the laundry or getting a good night's sleep.

I think this is part of Life Book's lesson for me. I'm learning how to accomplish my goal of "focus" for the year.

How do you become disciplined in your creative life?


  1. Beautiful work! This class looks like a lot of fun! Keeping a daily to do list helps keep me on task. I try to do a variety of tasks so I'm never bored.

  2. Thanks!
    Same for me - no boredom here! This year, I've been on a mission to learn new things and to keep all my free moments filled with something to look forward to each day.

  3. Discipline pretty much comes natural to me - it is how I operate most of the time. But the single most helpful thing in keeping me on target is making deadlines for getting things done! I set a date to share on the blog and then it becomes a priority and I make time to get it done! I am amazed at how much i have accomplished just by setting a date in my calendar to share.


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