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Crafty Elastic Bracelets and a Do Over

September 8, 2013
Not much new in the crafty front these last few weeks, been traveling a little and saw my oldest off to her first year at college. On the road I was able to knit up a few cotton dishcloths - they are super fast & a nice gift when visiting folk. I love to use them at home in the kitchen instead of paper towels. Reusable and pretty, too! Forgot to take pictures, though, will have to make some more. Somehow it seems like my cotton stash of yarn never diminishes despite the quantity of dishcloths I make.

Crafty Mail

Below is a picture of bracelets my 10-year-old nephew made for my family with these new elastic bands I've been seeing in the craft stores. (I already ripped the tag off and wore mine before taking the picture). My favorite part of his creations? The labels he made for us, so we wouldn't mix them up. All together, a cute package to receive in the mail.

These really stretch a lot and the glow-in-the-dark is pretty bright! You can find bracelet band loom/kits online (affiliate link).

Crafty mail Elastic bracelets

Crafty Do Over

On the car ride home, I thought I'd use leftover cotton to create a soft-toy and have decided that I will probably never do this with cotton again. There was an animal in mind when this was created - from a pattern - but it failed horribly with this yarn. I will be using an acrylic or acrylic blend for soft creatures in the future. Dare to guess what it was intended to be?

tamdoll's crafty crochet cotton failure

This has since been returned to it's yarn ball state and will one day become a dish cloth.

While traveling, I got fed up with having so many ideas all the time, but not making the time to create anything new. I don't really need to use the internet for inspiration or look at anymore sites, pins, pictures, magazines, etc.... I just need to sit down and make something. Hoping to do just that this fall. Whether I jump right into something new or try to wrap up old projects that are weighing on my mind - will have to decide where to begin. Sounds like a theme I've been playing for a while, just spinning my wheels and not going anywhere. But I'm fed up with it now, it's time for some changes.


  1. The bracelets your nephew made are so fun! Creativity runs in the family :)
    I'm guessing a sea horse for the soft toy...am I close? I hear ya on the crafty ideas in my head...there are just not enough hours in the day!

  2. Ok! I give up! What was the toy going to be??? I can't stand it!! Tell me please!!

    I do think you are wise to turn within and seek out the Muse inside and play with her and her ideas for awhile. Every once and a while a new project will pop in to grab my attention, but i do not go looking. Never have. My personal list of Projects is already way too long. And I am sure so is yours!!!

    Can't wait to see what your Muse is wanting to paly with!

  3. It was supposed to be a dinosaur. Can you believe it? I'm liking your idea of a sea horse.. they have edges, sort of...

  4. It was supposed to be a dinosaur, and the stiffness of the yarn just didn't work - but Edi's idea for a seahorse, I kind of like that one.
    So far, I've been happy working on UFOs this week, couldn't resist starting one new knitting project, too.
    I don't dare even write out my project to-do list anymore, I think it will be intimidating... or... maybe that's what I have to do & prioritize... hmm.. your comment is making the wheels turn.


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