Mermaid Submarine Art Journalling

August 5, 2013
The Ocean Express submarine is off to take the freshwater mermaids to the ocean to see the circus. This page was inspired by a space-suited mermaid in my class many lessons ago... But I couldn't understand why a mermaid would be wearing a space suit & I kept trying to think of different ideas (besides visiting space that is... which I didn't want to draw). Then it came to me... freshwater mermaids would want to visit the circus in the ocean, so I had to create a submarine to take them all there.

If you're still keeping up with me, you're either in the Mermaid Circus class, too, or you have a sympathetic creative mind and actually understand that freshwater mermies could not survive in the saltwater of the ocean.

Visit the Mermaid Circus with the Ocean Express Submarine:

Mermaid Ocean Express by tamdoll Come One, Come All! Freshwater Mermaids, board the Ocean Express

Once I finished, I realized I hadn't worked much at all with the mermaids themselves, so I'm ready to move onto lesson 7 and see what's up next. Only a few more weeks -  I have 2 more lessons to complete - I am determined to get it done!

Originally, I was going to blog about knitting projects. Then I was going to blog about some vintage dresses I want to sell on ebay. So - now you know what's coming later this week! It seems the more I need to get done, the more I manage to squeeze into the day. 
Mermaid Circus

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  1. What a FUN page! I love how you turned the space suit into a scuba suit instead :)


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