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Vogue Knitting Hat Completed

July 20, 2013
I've been admiring this Vogue knit hat pattern while working with a student who needed some help with the ear-flap cables (I teach knit/crochet at a local yarn shop a few hours/week). Well, all it took was a short visit by my mother-in-law to get a look at it and say "I'd love that hat" -- I was off to pick out the yarn. It wasn't very difficult - just needed some concentration in parts. Here's the finished hat:

Vogue Knitting Helmet Hat by Tamdoll

The cabled ear-flap was an adventure in knitting that I was able to complete fairly fast while flying a few weeks ago. The upturned tray of the seat in front of me on the airplane was the perfect spot to tuck my knitting chart for easy reading. The fear of flying and intense turbulence were perfect incentives to focus solely on the knitting and get the cables done within an hour.
Vogue Knitting Helmet Hat by Tamdoll

Cascade Yarns Eco Cloud (70% Merino,30% Alpaca) was super, super soft and with size 7 needles it worked up pretty quickly. My notes on it are over at Ravelry, and the pattern is from Vogue Knitting magazine, Holiday 2011. You can also find it in Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Hat Book.

Knit Hat Completed, What's Next?

Yarny: I have half a 2nd fingerless mitten to complete and about 2/3 of a knit toy to finish - my goal is to wrap these both up by the end of this month. An ongoing project I really want to finish by year's end is a crochet blanket I've been putting off. August 1st I'd like to start a few gifts to give asap: 2 baby toys and a sweater for a 2-year-old. I'm looking forward to making those so that is my motivation for wrapping up the WIPs. Just pacing myself so I don't aggravate my hands - diagnosed with arthritis but not letting that stop me.

Drawing, painting: I have stalled on both of my online classes & will update here or at Flickr as I progress.

Finally comfortable with the routine of a new job and taking control of my health. Feeling better and more competent to get things done; taking charge and no excuses not to finish what I've started.

What does it take you to get out of a rut?


  1. Love the color. And how great you could bring it along on the flight :)

  2. Thanks! I've flown alot since 9/11 & have never had a problem bringing knit or crochet projects on the plane with me. Keeps me calm during turbulence!

  3. Pretty hat. I envy your knitting abilities. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I think I am just tired of playing against something I can never be...I will just do my thing and hope for the best. I appreciate your comments and look forward to hearing from you. Keep sharing your lovely creations.. Have a crafty week.


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