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Social Media Poll Follow-up

July 6, 2013
Social Media is here to stay and crafty readers who took my poll last month seem to like Facebook & Blogs the best. No votes for Tumblr - which my teens love (and if you want to check out how entertaining it can be, visit author John Green's tumblr). This wasn't a very scientific study, and the readership here is certainly small, but I was curious... so here it is:

tamdoll social media poll results

I hadn't included Instagram or Google+ simply because I have no future plans of venturing into those. I know Google+ seems to be the *it* site to have a presence on, but I am holding back from joining something else when I'm having fun and handling as much as I can right now. Still sticking with Twitter because I find it entertaining.

Sometimes it's hard to manage the constant stream of information. At home and at work I use TweetDeck & HootSuite to manage things. TweetDeck keeps Twitter in manageable-to-read columns of the lists I've assembled; and HootSuite keeps posts from going out at once - scheduling is sometimes better when I have lots to share but want to space out delivery. These days, my social media activity is just for entertainment - so if I miss an update, I'm not heartbroken. If I was using it for business, I think I'd be a little more regimented.

Now that's a question I should have asked. Is your social media focus on pleasure, business, or both? There's probably an overlap; it's to easy to be distracted and follow celebrities, authors, newsfeeds, etc. If there were only more time in each day....


  1. Tumblr is truly for the young. My girl loves it too. And yes, she's into John Green as well. As for me, I use fb personal strictly for personal. Fb page is for my business. In fact my local customers go to my Fb page when they want to buy something from me. I have google+ but I don't really know anyone there. I hardly ever go. I'm not a twitter person so it just gets my feed from fb. I only go to Twitter when I need transport updates in Singapore. Strangely I've gotten to love Instagram. I started out using it for business but I ended up using it for fun. I only know a few people on Instagram but I think that's why it's fun. It's not so anonymous.

  2. Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying Tumblr, I’m trying to stay young. It keeps me amused while I’m on the bike at the gym, even more entertaining than listening to an audio book. And it’s funny you mention using Twitter for local updates – I just did the same a few days ago to read about news reports instead of going to a news channel to find out.
    I’m still stubbornly ignoring Instagram, but it’s interesting how many people I know do use it and love it.

  3. Maybe that last question would have been a great on to ask!!! Might have clarified the results a little more.

    Just so you know the reason you will only find me on Blogs and Flickr is because I am in this to LEARN and explore!! Finding wonderfully creative individuals or excellent tutorials feeds my passion. Most social media does not. It just wastes time i could be spending on making and creativity.

    In a way, writing a blog is my small way of pay back for all the brilliant ideas and excellent content and information that has enriched my life.

  4. Pam, you have given back so much with your awesome site, I wouldn't say it's a "small" gesture at all!

    I am giving up any lingering pretense that I may be using social media for any business purposes. It's my guilty pleasure - as some people watch tv or read gossip magazines, I just view the content online.


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