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What Social Media Do You Use?

June 5, 2013
Social media - some people think of it as a time-suck, others find it entertaining and a way to stay current with trends and events. I think it's all of those things and decided to put a poll up here for all of my readers to participate in - if we all like talking and sharing about the same things, then we should connect in all the ways we can online. The poll will remain here through the end of June and then I'll post results.

Poll has expired.

You must know that I enjoy blogging, and have been reviving my Twitter account lately because I think it's exciting - I never know what will come across the screen. But, I've been neglecting my Facebook account lately and not sure where I'm going with that just yet.

Are there any social media accounts that you're curious about? willing to experiment with? Are you involved mostly with friends or do you follow businesses and/or celebrities, too? Feel free to leave comments about any of this - I can share on the topic in comments, or future blog posts - I spend a lot of time online at work and at home. Social media can be overwhelming with mobile and 24/7 access - but I think it's here to stay and can be a dynamic way to stay in touch.


  1. I've been using instagram more than facebook lately. I have at most a handful of followers but it's still fun as I know most of these followers. I noticed you did not include instagram in the vote.

  2. Just filled out your poll. I've been trying to use Google + more but it's hard to do when I have so many other social media sites to keep up with (Pinterest, FB, twitter, blog).

  3. I have had to be realistic about taking on more than i can manage when it comes to social media. I started with my blog and still find writing and reading blogs an immensely satisfying way to participate on line and to connect. It fits my personality best - I am the kind of individual who hates parties - having to divide my attention among many others at one time - especially if they are friends. I am a one on one girl - looking for more depth and substance than idle chatter. So - blogging works brilliantly!

    I have had the opportunity to participate in a few online chats during on line classes and went completely bonkers! By the time i answered a question, the question had completely disappeared into the vapors and there were ten more i had missed. And while i was trying to catch up with those - more stuff - and more stuff. My long time on this planet brain just can't seem to adapt! :-) So Facebook and twitter ........ yikes!

    During the past year I have been more active at Flickr (where i found this BTW) and just joined in at Instigram yesterday! I find the two quite similar in some ways - visual content and the quick access to making a remark. It is, I suppose a more immediate way to keep in touch - at least with others in those media groups and I so far am enjoying both, although I love that Flickr occurs at a slower pace - and is more static. But blogging - always my first love.

    And just because ..... I am totally loving Feedly as my blog reader. 100% improvement over the Google experience.

  4. Forgot! Ravelry! Don't visit often but when i do I have a ball!!!!

  5. I didn't include instagram because I don't use it... I've kept my pictures on a blog or on Flickr for so many years, I didn't want to begin with another photo sharing site at this point. I know it's popular, I wish I could participate everywhere - but then I'd be spread too thin.

  6. Jessica, thanks for participating! The decision on whether or not to be active on Google+ is hard! There is so much to do on all the other sites online, even though I know it's so popular, I haven't been able to get to it at all. Aside from a profile, I don't do anything on Google+ but added it to the poll to see if anyone else is.

  7. Thanks for participating Pam! I didn't add Ravelry because I take it for granted that if someone knits or crochets they're a member - but I don't participate much in groups there.

    I'm glad you saw my screenshot on Flickr - I have used it for so long - have gotten business and made a lot of connections because of it, so even though some of their recent changes have been startling, I'm sticking with it & with the 1000+ pictures that I have uploaded there over the years. The static content has a lot going for it - the same thing goes for blogging - it's static and not so frantic. I know what you mean about the fast-pace of Facebook & Twitter - they are both like standing in a crowded room and listening into dozens of conversations at once and being allowed to chime in to all of them at the same time - hard to keep track. I find it entertaining, not very helpful business-wise.

    I'll have to check out Feedly. I've always had the blogs I read go into FeedReader on my desktop - but it's been ages since I checked them, over 600 posts unread last I checked - it's daunting!


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