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Mermaid Circus Journaling Pages

May 12, 2013
Working slowly but surely in the Mermaid Circus class. This is page 2 for me on the Journaling pages lesson - first layer of collage:

tamdoll Mermaid Circus Journaling Page 2

Adding a few more elements to the collage - but using a scanner to record image - orange color is lost!:
tamdoll Mermaid Circus Journaling Page 2 adding more collage

Final page (took another photograph to show the true colors):
tamdoll Mermaid Circus Journal page 2 complete

I take a leap of faith when I put pen to paper, trusting that my hand will be steady & my lettering will all fit as go along. I don't plan more than writing on a scrap of paper beforehand - laying out approximately where I want things to go. It's exciting to see how it emerges on the paper!

Mermaid Circus Class


  1. It's interesting you used the leave with the veins and it looked the the mermaid's skeleton.

  2. I didn't even notice the veins of the leaf intentionally, just thought it looked good as her body - I think I'm going to have to do a skeleton mermaid soon!


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