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Drawing Wild Animals from My Imagination

May 20, 2013
Some days, my imagination works overtime. A simple glance out my window turned into a small project.... I looked out the window, took a picture then uploaded it to my computer to do a little drawing. What do you see? 

the view from tamdoll's window imagination starts to get working basketball hoop

"Back in the day" (who thinks they'd ever say something like that?), I'd send my film out to be processed and ... wait a few days to pick it up ... maybe enlarge the photo on a color copier a few times and then draw on it with markers. Now with the magic of the computer, I can draw right on my tablet  and get my idea out quickly.

Tamdoll sees a hippo in her yard imagination at work

So, there it is - do you see the hippo? I have 2 questions:

  1. What did you see in the first picture? Let your imagination go wild! If you'd like to save it to your computer and print/draw on it (any way you can, print/pen, tablet, collage, pencils, etc.) and send it back to me, I think that would be fun.

  2. If you know of an online course that could teach me how to use my Wacom tablet better, I'd appreciate a link! I bought it long ago with aspirations of digital design & it rests on my shelf, the most unused of all my craft supplies, but I think it has the most potential!

I also have the photo in my Flickr page, much larger - but they just updated the entire site today and it was shockingly hard to navigate around at first. Here's the original photo if you want to see & download it from Flickr.

tamdoll imagination at work

Thank you for ignoring the crappy lawn.


  1. Ha - that's great! I have one of those tablets too - never use it. I had such high hopes for it too. Ah well.

  2. Judi, well if I ever hear of a good online course, I will let you know! I think it's the integration of using the tablet + software that baffle me & I don't even remember if this came with software in the first place, I'm using (free) GIMP for now.


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