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Crochet Project in Reverse

February 17, 2013


This image should be animated. Finished this crochet cardigan, tried it on, then promptly *frogged it. I just wasn't happy with the fit.

*Frogging - the "rippppittt" sound a project makes when you undo it.


  1. Oh no! I bet you hated to rip it apart! But the yarn is so pretty...I'm sure you'll find a great use for it :)

  2. ARRRRRRGGGH! so much work so many hours gone. But good thing you saved the yarn. Totally love the color.

  3. Bummer. I'm sure it will fit great once you make your alterations. It already looks very pretty.

  4. Wow it looked great sorry about the mishap...oh but I am so jealous that YOU could easily do it again - you are that talented.

    Hope all is well and life is keeping you pleasantly busy.



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