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Past, Present, Future

December 7, 2012
Been blogging here since June, 2006. Since then, I’ve met my goal to meet lots of crafty folk and share some of my creativity on the internet. It amazes me how often viewers check out my older tutorials and to see the comments and emails that still arrive about projects from the past. Thanks everyone for your messages & feedback during all this time!
This past year has been a bit chaotic to say the least. Personal changes, job changes and creative changes have abounded. Three part-time jobs have now turned into a (new!) permanent part-time assistant/technical job at the library, along with continuing to teach knit & crochet at my LYS. This coming week sees the end of Glitch, which makes me pretty sad – joined over a year ago but didn’t start spending time there till this past fall & I wish I had participated much, much sooner (closing announcement, news, memories being created… yeah, I know that’s a lot of links for a game – but I didn’t realize how great it was ‘til it was going away & there’s a whole community of people online who feel the same way.)

So, what’s next? I’ll continue my online presence, but it won’t be in this blog format. I’m planning some bigger projects & will have photos & who knows what else over at tamdoll.com with these pages “archived”. (Will announce & post here once that reformatting is complete – a month, maybe two from now?) This site will still be accessible & searchable, but blogging on a regular basis won’t be my primary focus anymore. When I began selling on etsy.com in ‘06, I became seller #29,378; couldn’t find any concrete answers about the latest number of sellers they have now, but last I heard, it was over 290,000 (lots of recent stats at Etsy site -  there’s millions of members, but not sure  how many have stores.) For a very short while I tried to make selling items in my etsy shop my focus, but mass producing, or worrying about having items in stock for promotions was stressful, so I’m not going to try to do that anymore.
Creating will never end, but whether the items I make will be sold online or not isn’t certain at this time. Will wait and see what the coming year brings. I mentioned Glitch above because I’ve found it very inspiring & I don’t want to lose it. Trying to take concepts from the spirit of the game – the beauty, gentleness, humor, preposterousness & random kindness throughout that experience are going to be missed – and those are things I can take into the future and make real, too. I hope.
Be sure to stay tuned – If you haven’t subscribed to updates in the upper-left side of this blog page (you already have if you’re reading this in email) – please stop by & do so.
Thanks for sticking around.


  1. Good luck with all your changes in the coming year. I look forward to visiting your new site and staying in touch :)

  2. No matter where you go or what you do -= "I will follow you"! Can't wait to see where we are going!

  3. Hey there - friend. I have been in your spot - several times - I wish you success in which ever direction you go. Hope we meet again in the cyber world. Stay in touch if you can.

    Happy Crafting
    one crafty mess

  4. I know what you mean about Etsy, mass producing and constantly having stock for sale. This year I too felt I need to make a change. Whatever happens, I will keep on creating and I'm happy to know you will too. Good luck with your new venture.


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