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The Pumpkin Patch Hat

October 15, 2012

Tamdoll's Pumpkin Patch Hat

Inspiration: A “Pumpkin Hat” contest.

Creation: I didn’t want to make a typical orange hat with a green stem on top so I started brainstorming… and thought of my garden & growing pumpkins…. The first step was creating the base of “soil”, filled with holes for the 12 feet of i-cord vines. (Inspired by the Bowl of Spaghetti hat by John Brinegar.)

Tamdoll's Pumpkin Patch Hat


Then I made up about 8 little pumpkins to be growing from the vines:

Tamdoll's Pumpkin Patch Hat


Once they were sewn on, it was complete! It is an adorable hat & Mr. Tamdoll is such a good sport, he wore it around town already.

I’m looking at these pictures & noticing that the colors look different in each – 3 photos in 3 different settings… worked on it in too many places to be consistent – sorry!

How do you get inspired or think out of the box?


  1. What fun! I love the little pumpkins hanging from the vines. And how great of Mr. Tamdoll to be such a sport :)

  2. What a unique idea! How sweet of your husband to test it out for you.


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