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Teddy Bear Ornament

September 5, 2012
The head of a small beige teddy bear, with a hanging loop on top of the head.

Yarn used: Bergere de France’s “Teddy”. This little guy was just waiting to emerge from the ball of yarn. But it wasn’t so easy…. his first incarnation was an attempt at something “practical”:

Soft & cuddly doesn’t hold up, even when knit in a rib stitch. An attempted coffee cup cozy looked like a baggy pair of pants. One version looked like a chew toy. So – the Teddy ornament was born in less time than it took to watch a movie. A quick & easy pattern I may write up if anyone is interested.


  1. I'm quite squeamish about bodyless animal toys.... Oh, I'm going to learn to knit soon. I've knitted before via books but I forgot everything so it means I didn't really learn it well if it could be so easily forgotten.

  2. Adorable...and he does look soft and cuddly :)


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