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Small Projects and Buttons

September 1, 2012

This new dishcloth was pretty easy to make – pattern on Ravelry. Was the only thing I could concentrate on for about a week, am glad to have finished something at least!

tamdoll circle dishcloth

These precious buttons are what I won when I left a comment over at the Incomparable Buttons blog. They came to me all the way from South Africa (you can read about the company, here), and I love the postage! Does anyone else save postage or envelopes they get from foreign countries? What I couldn’t believe was that these buttons traveled so far in that little envelope & are in perfect condition – a testament to excellent quality & great postal service. If you’re in NH, I know a local shop where you can find Incomparable Buttons …

 Incomparable Buttons

And one more photo – batches of stitch markers for a special project. These are easy & fun to make; for a how-to, visit Stubbornly Creative.

tamdoll stitch markers


  1. Love the colors of your dishcloth :) And the stitch markers would make cute earrings too! Congrats on your button win!

  2. I love the buttons. They are so sweet!


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