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August 18, 2012


These are just some of the quilts & details I enjoyed in this year’s World Quilt Competition. Video on Flickr & on YouTube (same video, just different sites). Quilts came from all over the world; some of the ones I photographed were from South Africa, United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand and Israel.

Last year’s slideshow - Quilts to See.

Can’t say that I’m a quilter, but I am drawn to the technique and stitches. Once in a while I’ll make something that’s pieced & quilted – just small projects or handbags. Each year, if I’m in town during this exhibit, I like to see the quilts & get inspired by the talents of others.

Is there a handcraft that you admire that you also find inspiring?



  1. I am not a quilter and I so admire those who can. I esp like the quilts by the Japanese. They're like paintings! I don't think I've ever attended a quilt show before.

    1. The quilts from Japan are usually my favorite, I really admire the creativity, details and fabric choices. I thought the same thing - some look like paintings! (Of course that's the one that came out blurry in my photo...) This year, the ones from Israel really caught my eye for their imagery. Since this exhibit is pretty close to my home, it's a nice way to spend a day & also see the fabric vendors that are set up for sales.

  2. What beautiful work and talent! So fun to see them from all over the world.
    I'm always fascinated with stained glass.

  3. i adore quilts and have a few that were given to me - but that is one of my dreams to get a quilt made with my own 2 hands...one day.

    thanks for sharing the video



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