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An American Girl Doll Dress

August 24, 2012
A co-worker asked me if I would make a dress for her granddaughter’s American Girl® Doll – one that would coordinate with the dress she’d be wearing at an upcoming wedding.
tamdoll makes American Girl Doll dress
I borrowed a neighbor’s doll to model, modified a standard dress pattern, added the belt & I think the resemblance is pretty good!tamdoll makes American Girl Doll dress
This was a fun side project. I made 2 versions out of cotton until I was satisfied with the bodice length and how the neckline fit – even doing those, the dress came together quickly (faster than a person-sized dress, for sure!) I hope she likes it, I think it’s cute.


  1. Really cute! I'm sure that the recipient will love it.

  2. How fun! I know the little girl will love the matching outfit!

  3. girl friend you are crazy talented. This is really nice. Love the dress it looks true to form - great job. thanks for sharing - have a crafty weekend

    one crafty mess

  4. I've never had an american doll. Saw a few big dolls at toys r us and they look quite creepy, even for me. I'm really thinking of making a new outfit for my Melly. But where do I find the time?

  5. You did a perfect job of recreating the little dress! Love the color! I could sure use some help with the St. Nicholas and Scandiclaus capes! Any chance you might pop over for a bit? I'll make a cake!


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