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Lots of Little Things

July 28, 2012

Good intentions, but not enough time at  home or energy in the evenings to blog more than I have been at the moment. But creativity is not suffering! Here’s something new – a necklace:

Tamdoll Necklace

I found a strand of pink stones in my bead stash & was inspired to add similar clear and white stone chips to coordinate. (that’s the “Lots of Little Things” in the post title- a bazillion beads!) The color seemed very summery and light, so I knew I wanted them to look delicate when worn – even though they were stone. Nylon thread strung with various stone/glass beads & then I crocheted 3 strands, slipping beads on at varying lengths.  I knotted the 3 strands together and connected them through cone findings – never used those before! I added some glue for good measure inside, hoping that it remains sturdy – that thread was pretty fine.  I picked up 22 gauge wire to create my own eye pin at the top (“Necessity is the mother of invention"!”) – some clasps to finish & I made a new necklace! Gifted & well received already, so I think I did a good job.

I’ve also been working on some new Scrabble tile necklaces – found a new resin & loving it!… will update on those next week. Finished one of my toe-up knit socks, hoping to stave off “second-sock syndrome” to make a complete pair. (“Lots” of projects in progress, too.) Seems like I’ve also seen a lot of movies this summer – my favorite so far is Marvel’s The Avengers – have you seen it? Loved it & even want to see it again. Reading a whole bunch & appreciate so much that I can borrow library books on my Kindle! I’m a big fan of paper books, but carrying around 900+ pages isn’t my favorite – just downloaded 1Q84 & will start that shortly.

When I remember, I turn on a podcast to listen to when I’m working – having the computer next to me makes it easy & sometimes they are very inspiring:

  • CraftyPod is awesome, I just subscribed to support her – been listening to CraftyPod forever and always enjoy them.
  • Notes from the Voodoo Lounge is a new one to me and I really liked what I’ve been listening to so far.
  • Not a podcast, but one of the sites that opens in my browser each day - Team EcoEtsy blog. The articles are well done & relevant. I’m a member of the Team & haven’t been active lately, but I’m always checking in to see what’s new!

Do you have a favorite or new podcast? Share! (Leave a comment here). You don’t need an ipod to listen, just an internet connection.


  1. Looks like you've been busy. The necklace does look very delicate, but pretty delicate. I'm surprised you did not keep it for yourself. I have received a giveaway prize and it involves resin. I've yet to try it.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Podcasts! I don't ever think to listen to Podcasts, but I know that there are so many great ones out there.

  3. Love the necklace! The colors and the delicate feel are perfect together!
    Glad you've had time to be creative lately :)

  4. Thanks!

    Here’s two more podcasts that I have enjoyed recently – http://2knitlitchicks.com/ & http://craftsanity.com/.


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