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One–Day Projects

June 4, 2012

I love projects that can get started and finished all in one day! 

Rosemary Sprigs Square

I've been teaching a workshop for people that have Nicky Epstein’s book: Knitting Block by Block: 150 Blocks for Sweaters, Scarves, Bags, Toys, Afghans, and More. Basically, we go through the blocks and I make sure everyone knows the techniques to read the patterns/charts & the skills to execute them.  They start off very simple, and move up to intricate patterns.  In all this time, I haven’t completed a block of my own!  People around me are finishing afghans and great projects – but not me.  So, here’s my first block, called Rosemary Sprigs.  My plan is to make one each time I know I’ll have an extended opportunity to knit – this way it’ll get done the same day that I start.  They’re 12” square, so I figure by the time I have 4, I can sew them together, add a fancy border & call it a baby blanket.  That’s my plan.

I’m also working on: a knitted market bag (picture here in a day or two); an embroidery project (for my Etsy shop); and I just got my crochet necklace pattern listed on Ravelry!  I’m pretty excited about that and have been refreshing my screen every so often to see the folks that have “favorited” it.  It’s very encouraging! 

Of course there’s also: the Babette blanket that seems to have gone by the wayside; flowers of the month to crochet; and a baby hat I’m dying to make.  
And a few crochet projects.
And another embroidery project I thought of on Friday.
I shouldn’t really be on the computer much at all, I should be crafting!

Do you ever start and finish a project in 1 day?  It’s pretty unusual for me, I can’t usually hold my concentration for that long, not even to mention the other things on my plate on any given day! 


  1. When I make something for craft markets, I can't spend a lot of time on each item as that would increase the cost of making the item. Before I make something, I already put a price range on it. That helps me determine how much extras/time I want to put into the bag. Because of this, I'm very disciplined when making craft market bags. I always finish within 1 day.

    If I work on something outside craft markets, I rarely finish what I started because I get so swept away. I never finished my last beading, English piecing, crazy quilting, paper cutting and I fear my UFO will forever be overflowing. All because I did not put a dollar value to my time!

  2. It looks like you have a lot of fun projects in the works! It's very rare that I finish an entire project in one day. I usually have about a million different things going on at any given time.

  3. i just checked this book out of the library and don't even know where to begin...this block looks like a great starting point. as for starting and finishing in one day? i hardly ever can make it happen...try as i might. too many little distractions in my life right now.

    1. Seems like everyone has a lot of projects going on at once, I'm definitely going to look at things from Jane's perspective next time - time is money!!! My time has value for sure.

      Kristin - Usually I'd say start at the beginning of the book to get comfortable with the decreasing (see the "Classic Decrease" on page 30) But you're already an experienced knitter - try starting on circular needles using markers to note where each needle would begin (unless you have extra long dpns). I especially love this technique of starting big until there are only a few stitches left - by the time I'm sick of the project, I'm almost finished with it!

  4. exciting, Tammy!
    What a great way to learn how to knit and follow pattern instructions! If I was nearby, I'd take your class.
    Your crochet necklace is gorgeous!
    start and finish a project in one day? yes, sometimes, if it's not too time consuming. Some of the dyeing processes I use require a day of curing. After that I may do another layer processing.
    multiple projects going on at once? almost always!
    Good to see you back and rolling!


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