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New Knit Bag & Something I’ve Never Seen Before

June 21, 2012

Finished a new bag, knit with my favorite cotton – Luna by Cascade Yarns.  Pattern by Leah of 200 shawl project.

new bag made by tamdoll


From the inside, I had thought a leaf was stuck to my kitchen screen. Looked closer…. it’s alive!  Kind of scary.  Never saw anything like this before.  Great camouflage if it had been in a tree, or on the ground.



I actually took these pictures over a week ago, so have some catching up to do.  Pictures on my camera, pictures waiting to be taken, projects to finish.  More updates coming this week! 

So, I saw this bug and was creeped out a little, but still surprised and appreciate how unique it is.  Have you seen anything new or unique lately?


  1. Oh your new bag! OMG your new knit bag! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I love it! Can you tell? :-)

    And what an unusual moth! My sweetie apparently has seen them before - but I never have. Thank you so much for sharing the image. I hope one day soon I get a visit too!

  2. Love the colors of your new bag!

    That moth is definitely strange! It reminds me of a walking stick...the can blend in anywhere!

  3. Love this bag! Love the shape, the lace pattern, and the colors. Bravo!

  4. Dearest sweet Tammy, i love your bag...it's so beautiful and the colors are gorgeous!!! But that moth is a little scary for me tho it's beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  5. girl you can whip up the coolest bags...I wish I had the patience. I think that "thing" you found was not only a thing of beauty but also a sign = something good your way comes. I could be just a dreamy girl who sees to much into something but perhaps?

    have a great weekend.

  6. Great bag! That is kind of scary but cool at the same time.

  7. Thanks everyone!!

    My youngest daughter now tells me the moth is a "Luna Moth" - no idea how she knew that, but here's a wiki link if you're interested - Luna Moth.

  8. I just saw this post. This is the most awesome bag ever! The colours are fantastic. The moth looks like a "alien species" IMO.


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