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Many Little Projects

June 24, 2012

A blog post to catch up on things. Been working on lots of little projects: beaded stitch markers to sell locally; a knit rubber chicken; a knit “pookie” toy; and a stranded colorwork headband prepared for an upcoming class (free pattern coming soon).

Tamdoll projects

Been enjoying some outside fires in the evenings. Wood was too fresh to get big flames going, just heard lots of sizzling as the sap boiled out of it. Fires can be mesmerizing, and I’m learning that getting a marshmallow well-toasted takes patience. The kids like these fires and there’ve been some nights where it’s cold enough that being around the open flame has been a welcome bit of warmth.

tamdoll fire

Thanks for your comments lately, that new bag in the last post was fun and quick to make. I feel like I have so many projects on my plate for the next few weeks that I’ve got to make a to-do list and keep on-track.  These little knit projects were distractions from things that I should have been working on… and signing up for some online classes lately is keeping me from further getting focused.  What was I thinking?  It seems like either I have nothing going on, or too much all at once. 


  1. I love the little knitted toys. In my old home when I was a kid, we made fire once in a while to burn scraps. It never occurred to us we could easily burn our house down since it was mainly wood. Of course nowadays you couldn't start a fire in Singapore without someone calling for the fire engine. I'm curious about the beaded stitch markers. What are they for?

  2. I love the chicken! That is so much fun. Great fire capture!

  3. What fun projects!
    Looks like you're staying busy. Glad you're enjoying some relaxing time by the fire too :)

  4. It is too much or too little over here too! And like you right now - too many projects going on!!

    Knitted toys - don't you love them to pieces? Wicked little dis-tractors aren't they? I just love yours!


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