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6 Year Anniversary

June 11, 2012

Been blogging for 6 years!

The word “blogosphere” keeps coming up and I wanted to generate some sort of art-related ‘blog universe’ image.  This is the closest I came given the time I had (= none) – my blog in graph form, courtesy of this website.

Compared to what it was over 5 years ago - tamdoll blog picture after 5 months


Really though, the “blogoverse” isn’t just what I put in it.  Focusing on the crafty end of things – I pictured planets made of string art (um, yeah, I do have those pictures my dad made in the 70’s!), planets for sewers, knitters, crocheters.  Big balls of yarn orbiting each other; rings of artists in rainbows circling planets; comets shooting through in galaxies; countless stars – one for every wip or ufo on a crafter’s table.  Sounds crazy, but I thought the concept could use a little visualizing!

Do you ever put images to concepts?  Share your idea of a blog universe!


  1. Happy Blog Anniversary! When I think of the blog universe, I see the avatars of bloggers and readers. And a few Anonymous blank faces.

  2. First and foremost - Happy Blogiversary to YOU! I am so glad to have you back!

    Blog universe! My vision is pretty much restricted to the crafty blogiverse! And when i use the term or think of it I am thinking of all the lovely, thoughtful, creative, talented, generous and brilliant people I have had the opportunity to meet - people i would have never met were it not for the blog universe.

    Being a part of it requires much more time and effort than other "social media" but I see it as much more deeply personal and I am very grateful that in this time of a multitude of other options and distractions that so many of the friends i have made are continuing to blog.

    Six years - you have seen some changes in the blog universe, haven't you?

    Lifting my glass to six more!

  3. congrats on the six years of blogging...I wish I was as deep as you - I barely put much thought or attention to detail...but I want to start - thanks for the lesson. Hope your week is going great..

    one crafty mess

  4. Congrats on 6 years of blogging!
    Fun graphic you found to add :)


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