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Recharging Creative Batteries

May 22, 2012

Truthfully, I don't often need much inspiration to come up with a new idea and I'm not lacking for time to work on projects.  I’m just not using my time wisely and lately have had a lack of motivation and focus. After months of sporadic posts and neglect, I’m finally feeling the mojo to start blogging again more regularly (I might have said that before… guess the proof will be in the next few weeks..)

Tamdoll WIP

This week I'm trying to spark my creativity, hoping to hone my focus a little by getting out of my current rut.  Yesterday I took a beading class at The Bead Patch, with Pat.  I have a lot of beads at home for working with fabric projects, but don’t usually make straight-out beaded jewelry.  At the class I learned how to do peyote stitch and am working on a ring now – more on that, with photos, in a few days when it’s completed.  I’m definitely inspired to work that beading into some crochet projects I have in mind – it’s pretty exciting!

Today, I’ve been finishing up a baby sweater (that’s in the photo above).  I think it’s important, before I start something new, to finish up loose ends and this sweater is one of them.  If I finish projects that I have in the works, then when I start something new I won’t have anything else weighing on my conscience. My knitting has been erratic – stitching is tight on some rows and loose on others (you can see that in the photo, too) and it’s driving me a little nuts (more than my usual nuts).  Will be picking threads and easing some of the looser ones along the rows when I’m done and hoping that blocking does the rest of the work when it’s completed. Actually, having a new, exciting project in mind, makes finishing older ones easier – I work faster to get them done with the anticipation of a new idea on my mind.

The headphones are there because I was listening to a great podcast while I was working – it definitely made time fly by! Today’s podcast listening - Brian R. Jones interviewing Diane Gilleland, thanks to the heads up from Gingerbread Snowflakes.

Want a laugh?  I posted a new disaster over at CraftFail - Charm Necklace. Even posting that online has given me some motivation, regardless of how embarrassing it actually is!

How do you get your creative batteries recharged?


  1. I can't believe I'm excited by the word peyote stitch. I took a couple of beading classes last year but making anything took up so much of my time I had to put it on hold. When I retire from craft markets, I'll be able to enjoy other hobbies besides sewing. Learning peyote is so much easier when someone shows it to you. Btw, did your kid's friend like the jar of dust?

    1. Jane, all I did was start with 4 tiny beads to make a ring, so it was quick & easy!
      and... yes! the girl liked the jar of dust, she thought it was cute. (confused people reading this - click the CraftFail link)

  2. good to see you getting your mojo back!
    I recharge by hanging out with nature. That may be simply walking around my yard, camera in hand or not.

    1. I love walking around outside, that used to always do the trick for me, but lately I've been avoiding it because of the constant rain over the last 2 weeks!

  3. I want one...the necklace, I mean:) Beads are fun to add to crochet and knit work. Sounds like you had fun at the class. Crazy week for me this week - limited time to crochet, but I'm still fitting it in to relax. My daughter is graduating high school tomorrow, so you can imagine, I'm sure...Happy Wednesday to you!

  4. It is amazing what a little time taken away to rest and recharge will do for our attitude and enthusiasm!! I am so glad you are back! And To hear your excitement for new opportunities to learn new skills.

    I tend to be like you - really bugs me to have unfinished projects sitting around so I try also to finish what I have already started before beginning something new!

    Thank you so much for the links re the pod cast. I am so glad you enjoyed the discussion - there is so much more to say and to think about. I am still adding notes to my notebook!

  5. Not sure who reads replies here, or through email, going to stick with email for now (for those folks who have emails attached to their comments).


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