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Blog Awards - Spreading Love!

May 25, 2012
It’s nice to be recognized and I don’t even have to dress up in a gown and go to an awards ceremony!  These make me feel great about jumping back into blogging, I hope you get to enjoy some new sites as you check these out!
FYI Regarding Blog Awards: I always break the rules, like that rude person who drops the chain letter without warning. I don’t pass it on to others or answer lists of questions when I get one… I tend to get stressed out having unplanned obligations & I don’t want to put that on anyone else. I know, I know, it’s just a blog post… don’t be mad, it’s simply one of my quirks. 
Craft Corners has put my blog in fine company this week with their “Best of the Web” post – check it out!  What’s it all about?  I hope they don’t mind me borrowing a paragraph from the post – but here it is:
With summer approaching, it’s time to kick your downtime in full gear with more crafting! This week’s features will surely provide you hours of entertainment with a cool range of crafty projects for all your crafting interests. Get crafty and find ideas, step-by-step how-to’s, and everything you need to satisfy your creative urge. If you’ve got items destined for the trash, take a lesson from these phenomenal sites to turn them into something beautiful!
Best of the Web

Goofing Off has awarded me a Liebster award:
Liebster award
I love it, am honored!  Thank you!  (Love her recent blog posts, too—the vintage knit & crochet patterns are fun to look at.) I appreciate this so much… but I’m breaking some of the rules.  Instead of passing the award onto 5 others, I’m going to just point you all to the ginormous (ooh, is that really a word?  spell-checker hasn’t flagged it!)  list of blogs I like to look over when I have time – there are so many, in no particular order and most of them are stored here on delicious.com –
Lots of Crochet Stitches has given me a Beautiful Blogger Award, how nice!  Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you all, I really appreciate it! How else can we show other bloggers that we appreciate and love their blogs? I always try to leave comments and share special links with friends or on social media.  Sometimes I’ll click over to their online shop & check it out, too.  How do you share the love?


  1. I've discovered on facebook you can share a link either thru' your personal timeline or page. I haven't gotten into the habit of sharing links as a show of appreciation. I do it when I think someone else might be interested. I noticed that everytime I share something on my page, I LOSE 1 fan.

  2. I don't understand Facebook at all, lots of changes going on there lately.

  3. Oh tammy, such a happy post! Congratz on all these awesome awards!! I've been feeling under the weather lots lately and i am slowly on the mend and finding time to visit everyone's blog. Happy weekend and Love to you!


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