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Catching Up!

April 23, 2012

Whew, I feel like it’s been a while.  I survived the complete crash of my computer last week and even managed to salvage most of what I needed.  Been knitting a bunch and completing some projects.  Here’s one, a baby sweater for a friend:

Baby Sweater by Tamdoll

I’ve also been knitting with cotton – making dishcloths, a Swiffer® cover and making some t-shirt yarn – I blogged about those over here: Saving Money with Cotton.

Current project – strangely, I’d been thinking about my stash and wondering what to do with a tiny ball of Habu Textiles cotton, and that very evening I came across Crocheted Washcloths for Mother's Day.  I believe that’s “serendipity”.  The next day, I got some of Blue Sky’s Skinny Cotton and started crocheting – going to do some random striping on it, using the pattern for inspiration.  The Blue Sky works up beautifully, and the Habu adds a nice punch of color… will have a picture in a few days of that. 

I haven’t knit socks in a while and some new yarns have been calling my name, so going to give it a try and be back here by the weekend with crafting updates.  Hopefully by then I’ll have everything recovered from my old hard drive – I wonder if anyone who reads my blog is interested in how to do that yourself, I can write about it if you like – or do you bring your pc troubles to a local shop for help?


  1. If my hard drive crashes, hubs has to rescue it. He has zero knowledge but manages to save our data whenever required. I have a backup portable drive of my family photos. Ok, 2 backups!

  2. The buttons on the sweater are really cute! We get the protection plans from Best Buy and take really good care of our computers. I've never had a complete hard drive crash. I also back up all of my important files so I would be all right if it did happen.

  3. I think I've learned my lesson for good this time.


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