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March 6, 2012

Not as coordinated as I thought I was. Balancing family, home, part-time work, creating, volunteering, etc, etc, isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  I really want to do it all.  ALL.  Resisting sleep is not the answer – no matter how late I stay up – those late night hours aren’t exactly productive AND don’t lead to the most pleasant of mornings the next day. 

I’m still evaluating whether I’m making the best use of my time & all this contemplating is making me drag my feet…  each week I add project to-do lists to my calendar, and on Sunday, it seems like I’m re-writing the same things on the calendar again for the following week.  Still trying to figure things out, just a “checking-in” blog post here. 

I’m still online, browsing blogs and looking at inspiration all over the internet.  Not a time-waster, I definitely get inspired by creative folks, colors, images and the productivity of others – that nudges me on.  And.. I entered a contest online and won!  That was pretty exciting – I won the pattern and Blue Sky Alpacas TECHNO yarn to make The London Tunic:

BSA Techno The London TunicI’m putting this aside for now, and will concentrate on spring and summer projects as best I can.  I have been in love with Blue Sky Alpacas yarns since they came to town, the yarns are truly luscious to work with and make the most beautiful items. 

Working on my focus, hopefully opening my etsy shop again soon.  One of these days. 


  1. I'm still struggling myself. I wish I spend more time producing rather than thinking. I re-write my list every week too. I'm looking at the craft markets I've committed to for the next quarter and I feel frightened I haven't made enough stock.

  2. Good luck with everything, Tammy!

  3. Time management is something we all struggle with! It can be so hard when we have so many ideas running through our heads!
    I wish you luck in finding a good routine :)


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