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New Handbag

March 27, 2012

Tamdoll new wool handbag

New handbag, knit and wet-felted in the washing machine.  Chain and clamps from local Ace Hardware store, right across the street from the yarn shop – very convenient!  Made with Cascade’s Eco yarn - 100% Natural Peruvian Wool.  Very firm and sturdy!  Made this one for myself.


  1. That's lovely! I love the combination of the yarn and chain.

  2. Did you sew the knitted piece on after you felted it?

  3. Thanks Jenny!

    Cassandra, the front (& back) panels were sewn on after the rest of the bag was felted. It was a free pattern - http://www.knittingdaily.com/media/p/27922.aspx
    - and I waited to see the finished size before I knit the add-on.

  4. This one is a beauty. I love the green (of course) and the gold handle is the right touch. You sure know how to spoil yourself.

  5. I love the shape - very feminine and sweet. And I also like the variety in the textures and surface design. And the use of metal. Very nicely done and certainly worth keeping as your very own!


  6. Fun design! And a perfect color for spring :)


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