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Finished Wool & Silk Handbag

February 21, 2012

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This bag was easy to make – just knitted rows, 22 squares, 17stitches x 17rows each, alternating colors every 2 rows.  Since it was going to be fulled/felted, I wasn’t very concerned about yarn ends.  At The Spotted Sheep Yarn Shoppe for display – the Boku yarn was fantastic!  Free Garter Stripe Square Bag pattern at Ravelry.  I’ll bet this would look great without felting, too… just a tighter gauge to keep the bag snug.


  1. Looks great! The felting really finishes it off and brings all the pieces together.
    Still love the pic with the little man :)

  2. that's beautiful! Great job.

  3. The striped pattern is great! I agree with Edi about the felting job.

  4. This is fab, fab, fab. And you said it was easy?

  5. Dearest sweet tammy, wow the bag is awesome and so beautiful! I love it and i also adore the slide show you created for us! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!


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