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Starting 2012 on the Right Foot

January 25, 2012

My first thought was to call this blog post “2012 – the Year of the Do-Over” -- but that sounded too negative to me.  Then I thought “2012 – the Year of Getting it Right” – but that made me feel like I was setting expectations beyond reach.  So here I am, simply going to start off in the right direction and try to keep focused & heading that way as the year progresses.

Some of you may realize the pun in the title, too, since I’ve been home all month recovering from surgery - I have been starting every move with my right foot.  All is well now and it’s given me lots of time to think and work on projects.  And to do them over.

For example, with some luxury yarns in hand, I wanted to make something that I could use every day and enjoy – like a handbag.  Borrowed some graphs, morphed them into my own design and began to knit:

graph on tamdoll on Ravelry

But the more I knit it, the more I thought that these yarns should be next to skin, so I could really enjoy the feel of them.  Yes, I agonized.  Thought about the days I had worked to graph the design and then knit it.  But no matter what, it was bugging me, so I ripped it out.  Decided to try a project I’ve been wanting to make for a while and created a headband to keep me warm this winter:

tamdoll's Quant headband from knitty

I think it was a good choice.  I can always rework the graphed design with other yarns & make a handbag with it.  Next was the purple yarn.  On impulse I saw a pattern online, bought it, cast on and began to knit.  Yes, I really did think things would go smoothly after this decision.  No, I didn’t check gauge first. 

tamdoll overknits

Before you say it, I did notice the resemblance to Dumb Donald.  I should have been suspicious when I had to add another yarn to finish this, but I didn’t hesitate too long – since I couldn’t try it on while it was on the 16” needles, I just had to keep working till the end.  Another do-over.  Ripped it out.  A day later, a smaller size, changing to smaller needles in the end, and now it’s perfect:

ysolda pattern Rose Red

This flat picture has more accurate color and I’m pretty pleased with it.  No more do-over photos for now, just one last picture – a sheep that I think looks like Yoda:

Tamdoll's Yoda Sheep

I’d like this to be the “Year of Getting it Right” but I’m trying for the “Year of Being Patient & Doing my Best”.   What about you?


  1. I hope that your surgery recovery is going well. Best of luck with your blog for 2012! 2012 is all about new possibilities for me, both with my blog and my life in general.

  2. I didn't know about your surgery. Hope you get well really really soon. And those are some really cool things you have made. The purple cap...wow...!!

  3. I have one of those entralac headbands on the needles .. for about two years now! Love seeing it finished, lol.

    Love the tam too. I always end up with my hats too big for some reason. Maybe I should felt them. :)

  4. I'm glad to hear you're recovering well :) This is a great time to enjoy knitting projects and practice til it's perfect :)

  5. as they say, if you first don't succeed... The hat looks like a beret! Or am I wrong there... Hope you're feeling better - looks like a good start of the new year! {:-D

  6. Thanks all for stopping by and your good wishes. I'm just waiting for the weather to turn cold enough for me to wear the headband or the beret - until then I'm going to keep working on new projects.

    Happy 2012!

  7. I love this post! A really great reminder that when things don't work out the first time there is a really good chance they will on the next try!

    I love the headband and the hat! Well worth the patience to "get it right"!

    You are spending your healing time wisely and productively! So glad to know all is well.

  8. Yikes! ripping out all that loveliness! twice!
    I LOVE your headband! It's awesome!
    The hat is gorgeous!
    the little sheep is cute!
    yes, agreed-- the year of being patient with oneself and doing one's best--it is!


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