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Bags in Limbo

December 16, 2011

Just this week I’ve been cleaning out closets and shelves and discovered a few bags that haven’t sold, and aren’t listed anywhere for sale!  Then, in yesterday’s email came a Photojojo Time Capsule, and there they were!  The top 2 are still available if anyone is interested, leave a message here, on FaceBook, or email me.  I’d love to give these a new home – giving me more room to work on some new creations!!!  

Bags by Tamdoll


  1. Beautiful bags! I especially love the one in the bottom left. I hope that they sell quickly!

  2. Dearest sweet tammy, your bags are so beautiful!! It's always nice to find goodies when we get organized. Have a lovely merry happy sunday! Wishing you a wonderful festive time with your friends and family! Love to you!


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