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November 8, 2011
Paper Beads by tamdoll

Above is a picture I put up on Flickr.com back in 2009.  Recently, I received an email asking if it was “ok” to use this picture in an online magazine, talking writing (article here).  I agreed and have been very flattered at the request.

Not everyone who uses my pictures asks first, but [just about] everyone gives me credit & links back to my site as I’ve requested here in my blog.  How do I know?  Google analytics (Traffic Sources) can show me where readers have come from, and I’ve been able to see who’s used/referenced my pictures or tutorials.  Tracking them back to their website, translating pages and finding new crafty folks on the internet has been fun.  Sometimes it’s surprising where in the world the links are coming from.  Visitors to this site have come from over 120 countries/territories & that’s pretty exciting to me!

It would be nice if everyone asked first, but at least there are tools to make these discoveries yourself.

tamdolloriginal. Get yours at bighugelabs.com

So… onto Marketing… Flickr.com has been a great tool that I find invaluable and easy to use.  Their Terms of Service don’t allow selling from your photo descriptions, but putting a shop link at your profile page is handy.  I’ve had people admire a product I’ve photographed and when they message me about it, I can direct them to where it’s available.  Flickr has a generous free amount of monthly photo storage – it’s worth the few clicks to store your photos online at this location.

What are your experiences with online sharing?


  1. Congrats on getting your pic featured. I've had my free tutes linked from many sites but only a few have asked for my permission. I find flickr gets me interesting traffic but I'm too cheap to go pro so I've stopped uploading pics as I've hit the max. Pinterest is surprising as I hardly get any hits from my pins. What's interesting is when I share at forums, I actually get a lot of hits, even months, years later.

  2. Congrats on the feature! And 120 countries...that's so cool!
    I've used Flickr, but I don't update often. Thanks for the reminder that it is a good online tool!

  3. Flickr? Hmm. I need to pick your brain. I've tried to use it, but maybe I'm not as savvy as you. (Heck, I KNOW I'm not as savvy as you!)
    Congrats on the photo feature! It's a nice shot.

  4. I've talked a little about Flickr (on the team thread) and how I can't comment. I'd start using it again if they would let me. Maybe I need to open another account - I don't have my Yahoo email account anymore... {:-D

  5. I've recently become a fan of flickr. I also notice that some of my traffic comes from there. You're right, even if you don't put the link, if they are interested in what you have, they will check your profile.

  6. I'm very cautious about posting my shop link even on the Flickr profile page. Instead, I post a link to my blog, and the blog points people to the shop. Flickr is a great tool, but you do have to be careful not to appear commercial.

  7. Very neat that you got good traffic from flickr!

  8. The photo is great so I can see why it was used. Congratulations.
    It still surprises me how people find me or any one else for that matter. I do forget to update Flickr--guess I need to take care of that now.

    Artful Rising

  9. I have a flickr account but haven't used it yet. I was thinking of posting photos of items I make, but don't post in my etsy shop.
    I just checked google analytics. I have it set up for my etsy shop that I'm not currently using right now. As far as I can tell, it won't let me add accounts. bummer.

  10. Dearest sweet tammy, that is a gorgeous photo! Congratz on the featured!! I always ask permission first before using someone's else photo. :) Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to yoU!

  11. You are so great! All this time, i had no idea that i could expand that list of ten sources - I just discovered there are 710 listed! Thank you so much for mentioning how you use this resource. I am going to love using this new tool!

  12. I've been thinking about getting myself a flickr account. I never realized how much traffic they can get, and bring to the shop!


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