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Knit Gifts and Keeping Warm Wristers

November 23, 2011

tamdoll projects this week One baby hat knit and gifted; a handful of fingerless mittens and a pair of wrist warmers made up, labeled and packed up to sell at Apotheca’s Artisan Fair this weekend.  I haven’t been this focused and determined to work on projects in a long time.  The more I have to do, the more I squeeze into my schedule.

Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating!  I’m thankful to you, my readers, your feedback, and for the chance to sit back and relax this year.  No company, no travelling, just the four of us and lots of time to play with yarn this week!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that your show goes well.

  2. Hope you did well at the fair. I really love your choice of colours for the yarn. One day when I'm retired from the craft markets, I will learn to knit with both my hands and try my best not to have to use my toes to hold the yarn. Seriously.


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