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Shifting from Summer to Winter Creating

September 23, 2011

Finally finished the bag and listed it for sale at my etsy shop!  It has a little bit of summer sunshine in it, so I’m keeping it near my desk so I can look at it once in a while.

 Quilted Handbag - Rapunzel in Sunlight by Tamdoll Quilted Handbag - Rapunzel in Sunlight

I’m including it here, too:



While that has been going on, I’ve been working on a bunch of other projects, too.   (What, did you think I was just procrastinating finishing that handbag?  No way! I’m the queen of distracted crafting, staring something new almost daily – it’s the finishing that I have so much trouble with!)

Tamdolls Workspace Projects September 2011

More to come! 

Crafters, do your projects change seasonally?  If I’m creating for sale, I definitely shift my color schemes and weights of fibers.  What about shopping?  If you see something you like out of season will you still buy it?


  1. Oh tammy, your bag is gorgeous and im loving that awesome color! Just beautiful!! Love to you!

  2. If i like something, the season will make no difference! But i do notice that generally people tend to think seasonally.

    I do love your bags Tammy and one of these days I am going to own one!


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